Electronic Manufacturing Services: What Is It And How Can It Help Your Business?

Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives, whether it’s a smartwatch you wear every day, your work phone or laptop, your coffee machine, or even the button on your car keys, technology is everywhere.

We rely heavily on these devices to go about our daily lives and subsequently, the demand for electronic devices continues to grow at an exponential rate.

But this huge number of devices has to come from somewhere and the result is a growing electronics market and a lucrative way for manufacturers to capitalise on these opportunities.

This increased demand for products and a need to control costs has also seen the emergence of a thriving electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry.

But what is EMS and how can this be utilised by businesses in the future?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to find out. Check out the guide below to find out more about electronics manufacturing services and the most common ways these are used by manufacturers.

What is EMS?

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are used by businesses, typically original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who want to outsource parts, or all, of the manufacturing process to a provider that is better equipped to take it on.

But it’s not just about manufacturing electronic devices, as part of the process some EMS providers will also design, make, test, distribute and repair electronic components too.

These services are often utilised to increase operational efficiency, though we’ll look at this in more detail later in this guide.

Common applications of EMS

There are lots of businesses that might choose to take this approach to manufacturing. In most cases, they will outsource their production to ensure they have high-quality products that meet all the correct safety measures.

Not only this, but some EMS providers can handle the full lifecycle of the product, while the OEM can’t. With this in mind, there are some industries that rely on EMS providers more than others. These include:

  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Industrial
  • Telecoms
  • Aerospace and defence

Of course, these are just a few examples and there are lots of ways that EMS can be applied in business; really any business that requires the seamless manufacturing of electronic devices.

How can electronic manufacturing services help your business?

We’ve already begun to touch on some of the reasons that EMS can be beneficial to businesses, but now we’re going to dive a little deeper into this area. There are lots of ways in which electronic manufacturing services can be a huge help to your company, but the key benefits include:

Increasing operational efficiency

As a manufacturer developing and creating an electronic product of any kind, time to market is crucial. Operational efficiency plays a big part in this and can be the difference between the success or failure of said product.

Outsourcing to an EMS provider that is better equipped to take on the project can ensure you get your goods faster. Plus, they will work to your specific deadlines and ensure everything is completed on time.

Ensuring reliability and top-quality

By outsourcing the manufacturing process, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can not only increase efficiency but also the quality and reliability of their products. Part of EMS is not just building the components or devices, but also ensuring the best possible design, as well as testing and repairing the products.

This means you’re guaranteed the highest quality goods and you can ensure all health and safety measures have been met and that the products are as reliable as possible.

Lowering stress and pressure

Manufacturing any product can be tricky, particularly in vast quantities. It can also be very complicated and require specialist equipment. So for lots of businesses, enlisting the help of these services can take that weight off their shoulders, reducing stress whilst ensuring they get the goods they need.

Reducing costs

Although you will have to pay for EMS providers, this strategy can actually save you money in the long run. As the EMS provider will already have the specialist equipment and employees they need, you don’t need to invest in this for your business.

Not only that but they can increase efficiency, offer scalable manufacturing and turn around your goods in a much faster time.

Freeing up time for other important tasks

As an OEM, outsourcing to a service provider frees up your valuable time and resources to focus on other important business functions. For example, this gives you more time to focus on research and development to ensure you’re offering your customers exactly what they want and need.

Designing the best products

Finally, some EMS providers will offer design as part of the process. This can be particularly important in the development of a completely new product.

The team of experts is on hand to come up with the best possible design and as they have access to specialist equipment, this may be better than the product that would have been created in your own company.

Plus, they have the facilities to take this new design from start to finish, from prototype right through to scalable manufacturing and distribution.