Cable Assembly

Cable assembly allows us to precisely piece together cables, connectors, and insulating materials to ensure gadgets function smoothly. Whether it’s a power supply cable or a data transmission line, cable assembly follows strict standards, creating reliable connections that minimise signal interference. Cable Assembly plays a crucial role in electronic manufacturing ensuring all the electronic elements are in sync and delivering a seamless performance.

We have the capabilities to offer a variety of cable assemblies to meet customer requirements. These may include basic battery cables, BNC cabling and small to medium cable looms to compliment your product, but regardless of this, all cable work is carried out to IPC 620 standard.

Below are some of the equipment and processes we use in-house to produce your perfect cable.

  • Automated cut and strip
  • Automated Wire Crimping
  • Automated boot lace ferrule termination
  • Custom printed label sleeving

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