3D Automated Optical Inspection


3D uutomated pptical inspection (AOI) represents a new era in electronic manufacturing quality assurance. This cutting-edge technology employs advanced three-dimensional imaging to meticulously scrutinise printed circuit boards for defects with unparalleled precision. It elevates inspection accuracy, detecting minute flaws and ensuring the integrity of solder joints and component placement.

By seamlessly integrating into the production process, 3D automated optical inspection increases efficiency, minimising human error and enhancing overall product reliability. In the world of electronic manufacturing, this sophisticated inspection tool ensures the highest standards of quality and contributing to the seamless production of flawless electronic devices.

We provide 100% 3D AOI inspection on all surface mount production. This covers all types of component defects such as missing components, alignment issues, tombstone issues, damaged components, lifted leads insufficient/excessive soldering, shorting issues and polarity issues.

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