Electronic Manufacturing

From prototyping and small scale production runs to full scale manufacturing, Lenalea Electronics Ltd is committed to providing it's customers with high quality, reliable products, on time and at competitive prices.

Ultimately we provide contract manufacturing services for either through hole, surface mount or mixed technology boards. We can also manufacture cable looms and wiring assemblies or offer box build solutions if required.

Our process capabilities include:-

Electronic Manufaturing

SMT assembly down to 01005 case size

By investing in a new Europlacer iineo machine as our main placement platform we have dramatically improved our capability by increasing placement rates whilst reducing minimum theoretical component size down to 01005

Ball Grid Arrays (uBGA) down to 0.4mm pitch (0.2mm ball)

We have many years experience placing BGGAs within Lenalea Electronics and our placement line is capable of working with micro BGAs with ball sizes as small as 0.2mm

X-ray inspection

Accurate placement of components with hidden joints such as BGAs is only the first stage in ensuring a reliable joint. We check all joints which cannot be conventionally inspected with our in-house real time X-Ray system.

Automated screen printing

All paste or glue printing in production is carried out by fully automatic screen printers to ensure repeatable alignment and accuracy whilst maintaining throughput on the line.

AOI Automated Optical Inspection

Conventional visual inspection by a trained operator is only a reliable means of quality control when the operator has the necessary time to thoroughly view every component and joint on an assembly. Due to job complexity, we use AOI in conjunction with visual inspection instruction sheets to split the workload effectively between man and machine to fine tune each type of inspection to the task or tasks that it best suits.

Forced air convection re-flow

We use modern, computer controlled reflow equipment which combines high throughput with repeatable reflow profiles which are not sensitive to wide variations of component mass on the same assembly.


We can work with you, our customer, to provide an in house test regime tailored to each product to ensure the assembly that you ultimately receive meets the standard you expect.